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Doom 3 Tweaks, Configs, Console Commands and Codes (Read 1813 times)
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Doom 3 Tweaks, Configs, Console Commands and Codes
Aug 11th, 2004, 9:54am
Null's Config
VoOdoO's Autoexec


put it in main folder, in bat put these 3 lines:

Doom3.exe +set net_serverdedicated 1 +exec doomserv.cfg +servermaprestart
goto start


set si_spectators "1" //on-off Allow people to spectate games or force them to play
set si_usePass "1" //enable password for server play
set si_warmup "1" // on-off
set si_teamDamage "1" //Available for Team Deathmatch only
set si_timeLimit "10"
set si_fragLimit "10"
set si_map "game/mp/d3dm5" // d3dm1-5
set si_gameType "Deathmatch" // Deathmatch - Team DM - Last Man - Tourney
set si_name "D^7oo^1M ^7]|[ Server^7" //name of server, note use of colours
set si_pure "1" //force client files to match server files
set si_maxPlayers "4"
set logFile "1" //logfile on-off
set logFileName "doomserverlog.log"

set net_serverRemoteConsolePassword "password here" //rcon pass
set net_serverClientTimeout "40"
set net_serverZombieTimeout "5"
set net_serverMaxClientRate "16000" //max client rate
set net_serverSnapshotDelay "50"
set net_serverAllowServerMod "1" // allow non-pure mod paks with pure game paks

set g_countDown "10" //warmup time ? UNTESTED
set g_balanceTDM "1"
set g_spectatorChat "1" //on-off spectator chat
set g_password "password" //server password
set g_mapCycle "mapcycle" //mapcycle configscript to use, default mapcycle.scriptcfg in pak0

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Re: Doom 3 Configs, Console Commands and Codes
Reply #1 - Aug 11th, 2004, 10:39am
DOOM 3 Codes
If you want to take a good look at the monsters without getting wasted try these codes  Grin
Press CTRL + ALT + ~ to bring up the console. Press is again to get rid of the console. Here you can enter these codes:

Console is now: CTRL + ALT + ~  
WTF   Angry

God Mode: god
All Weapons, Full Health, Full Armor: give all
Walk through walls: noclip
Saves a demo game to an .AVI movie file: aviDemo <--- Smiley
Game Benchmark: benchmark
Skip to last level: doomhell
Freeze all on screen: freeze
Graphics card information: gfxinfo
Invisibility to most enemies: notarget
Show FPS: com_showfps 1
Acquire all keys: give keys
Your game status: status
Quit or Exit: quit

Restock Ammo: give ammo
Machinegun: give weapon_machinegun
Shotgun: give weapon_shotgun
Plasmagun: give weapon_plasmagun
BFG: give weapon_bfg
Chainsaw: give weapon_chainsaw
Rocket Launcher: give weapon_rocketlauncher

Mars City 1: map game/mars_city1
Mars City Underground: map game/mc_underground
Mars City 2: map game/mars_city2
Administration: map game/admin
Alpha Labs Sector 1: map game/alpha1
Alpha Labs Sector 2: map game/alpha2
Alpha Labs Sector 3: map game/alpha3
Alpha Labs Sector 4: map game/alpha4
EnPro Plant: map game/enpro
Communications Outside: map game/commout
Communications: map game/communications
Monorail Skybridge: map game/recycling1
Recycling Sector 2: map game/recycling2
Monorail: map game/monorail
Delta Labs Level 1: map game/delta1
Delta Labs Level 2A: map game/delta2a
Delta Labs Level 2B: map game/delta2b
Delta Labs Level 3: map game/delta3
Delta Labs Level 4: map game/delta4
Hell: map game/hell
CPU Complex: map game/cpu1
CPU Boss: map game/cpuboss
Site 3: map game/site3.map
Caverns Area 1: map game/caverns1
Caverns Area 2: map game/caverns2
Primary Excavation: map game/hellhole
Multiplayer Map 1: map game/mp/d3dm1
Multiplayer Map 2: map game/mp/d3dm2
Multiplayer Map 3: map game/mp/d3dm3
Multiplayer Map 4: map game/mp/d3dm4
Multiplayer Map 5: map game/mp/d3dm5

Characters Type “spawn” and the name of the character to spawn them.
Flaming Zombie: monster_zombie_bernie
Chainsaw Zombie: monster_zombie_sawyer
Z-sec Zombie with machine gun: monster_zombie_zsec_machinegun
Z-sec Zombie with pistol: monster_zombie_zsec_pistol
Z-sec Zombie with shield: monster_zombie_zsec_shield
Z-sec Zombie with shotgun: monster_zombie_zsec_shotgun
Commando Zombie: monster_zombie_commando
Commando Zombie with Chaingun: monster_zombie_commando_cgun
Fat Zombie: monster_zombie_fat2
Fat Zombie with wrench: monster_zombie_fat_wrench
Bald Zombie: monster_zombie_maint_bald
Zombie with no jaw: monster_zombie_maint_nojaw
Zombie with Wrench: monster_zombie_maint_wrench
Skinny Zombie: monster_zombie_maint_skinny
Zombie: monster_zombie_maint
Zombie: monster_zombie_maint2
Zombie wth Flashlight: monster_zombie_ maint_flashlight
Headless Zombie: monster_zombie_suit_neckstump
Zombie: monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth
Skinny Zombie: monster_zombie_suit_skinny
Zombie in Labcoat: monster_zombie_labcoat
Zombie Missing Limb: monster_zombie_limb
Zombie: monster_zombie_skinny
Zombie with a pipe: monster_zombie_pipe
Zombie in T-shirt: monster_zombie_tshirt_bald
Zombie: monster_zombie_tshirt_blown
Zombie in Jumpsuit: monster_zombie_jumpsuit
Zombie Eating: monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating
Archvile: monster_demon_archvile
Cherub: monster_demon_cherub
Hellknight: monster_demon_hellknight
Imp: monster_demon_imp
Maggot: monster_demon_maggot
Mancubus: monster_demon_mancubus
Pinky: monster_demon_pinky
Revenant: monster_demon_revenant
Tick: monster_demon_tick
Trite: monster_demon_trite
Wraith: monster_demon_wraith
Cyberdemon: monster_boss_cyberdemon
Gaurdian: monster_boss_guardian
Guardian’s Seeker: monster_boss_guardian_seeker
Sabaoth: monster_boss_sabaoth
Vagary: monster_boss_Vagary
Cacodemon: monster_flying_cacodemon
Lostsoul: monster_flying_lostsoul


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Re: Doom 3 Tweaks, Configs, Console Commands and C
Reply #2 - Aug 11th, 2004, 10:51am
How to make Doom 3 run faster

Get WinRar:

Go to Doom3/base directory:
There you see .PK4 files, they are highly compressed archives holding pictures, maps and sounds, so each time you run the game they have to be uncompressed and this slows the game down. If you want to make the game run a bit faster, you have to open each of them with WinRAR 3.3 and extract their entire contents to the Base dir in you Doom 3 installation folder (replace all files if they are any duplicates). You can now rename  the pk4 files so doom doesnt default to reading them. Run doom and notice that it runs a bit faster. Hold on to the pk4 files in case it doesnt work for you so you can rename them back and play like before.

More discussion:
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Re: Doom 3 Tweaks, Configs, Console Commands and C
Reply #3 - Aug 11th, 2004, 11:02am

set com_allowConsole "1" //regular console ~  Grin
set r_displayRefresh "75"  //monitor refresh rate
set g_fov "90" //FOV
set r_brightness 1
set r_gamma 1.3  //let there be light
set com_showFPS "1" //display current FPS in corner of screen
set g_nightmare "1" //enables highest skill level for the real hardcore
set com_showMemoryUsage "1" //displays current memory usage, interesting during section transitions
set s_showLevelMeter "1" //display sound level meter for each speaker
set com_showFPS "1"  //show fps

// Record Demo - start & stop with F10 //
set startrec "recordDemo; set demorec vstr stoprec"
set stoprec "stopRecording; set demorec vstr startrec"
set demorec "vstr startrec"
bind F10 vstr demorec

demo demoname //run demo

// Clean Screenshot - no Gun or HUD in picture
bind F11 "set ui_showGun 0; set g_showHud 0; screenshot; set g_showHud 1; set ui_showGun 1"

//anti-motion sickness
set pm_runbob "0" //default is 0.4
set pm_runpitch "0" //default is 0.002
set pm_runroll "0" //default is 0.005
set pm_walkbob "0" //default is 0.3
set pm_bobpitch "0" //default is 0.002
set pm_bobroll "0" //default is 0.002
set pm_bobup "0" //default is 0.005
set pm_crouchbob "0" //default is 0.5

//color coded player name or server name:
^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Blue
^5 Aqua
^6 Purple (might be pink?)
^7 White
^8 Grey
^9 Black

set ui_name "^4N^1I^2N^9-Null"

timedemo demo1 //tweaking demo
c + tab //press this to display commands starting with c

Skip intro every time you start doom:
"D:\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +disconnect  

set com_videoRam "64"

Doom III has detected I have 64mb of ram on my video card. Well I actually have 256mb, which is probably why a few other settings seem out, hence I set it manually.

set image_downSizeBumpLimit "512" //1024 for 256mb gfx. 512 for 128mb gfx. 256 for 64mb gfx
set image_downSizeBump "1" //enables above
set image_downSizeLimit "512" //1024 for 256 cards. 512 for 128mb gfx. 256 for 64mb gfx
set image_downSize "1" //use to enable above
set image_useCache "1"
set image_cacheMegs "128"
set image_cacheMinK "10240"

20 was the default Cache, might notice a small FPS boost by setting it higher

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Re: Doom 3 Tweaks, Configs, Console Commands and C
Reply #4 - Jan 2nd, 2005, 8:50am
btw if you type in the console the codes for doom 1-2 w/o pressing enter it says u have a good memory "Your memory servers you well" Shocked
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Doom 3 Tweaks Configs Console Commands and Codes
Reply #5 - Jul 5th, 2015, 9:56am
I just reinstalled this to give it a go.. but when i boot it asks me to enter a serial code for the game and the xpac.. where do I find them?
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